Math Library

We use our own math library, lib/common/math in the scene_rdl2 repo. For convenience we typically do the following in our .cc files (but NEVER in our header files):

using namespace scene_rdl2::math;

so that math operators and constants use our own overloaded versions. This also provides several user-friendly math types for simplifying ray tracing and shading calculations. For example, Vec3f is a Vec3<float>. In general, unless the extra precision is required, floats are preferred over doubles for speed. Basic examples:

// We use Vec3f to mean a vector of 3 floats
Vec3f N, I;

// Prefer using dot(N, I) instead of
const float cosNI = dot(N, I);

// rcp(x) is faster than 1.0f / x when you don't need full precision
// reciprocals or divides.
const float invCosNI = rcp(cosNI);

// acos, sqrt etc. operate on both floats and doubles.
// See lib/common/math/Math.h for details
const float theta = acos(cosTheta);

// Make sure to use constants like 1.0f instead of 1.0 to avoid
// automatic casting back and forth between float and double
// in complex math expressions, which can make the code much slower
const float ai = 1.0f / (roughness * sqrt((1.0f - cosNI * cosNI) * (invCosNI * invCosNI)));