Visibility AOVs

Visibility AOV Example

A visibility AOV provides a way to visualize how much of the scene is visible from a certain light. In MoonRay, a ratio is calculated representing how much light is received:

// # light samples that hit light / total valid light samples
p = hits / total_attempts
// variance of a Bernoulli distribution
result = p * (1 - p)


A visibility AOV is composed of a light path expression that defines the set of all paths used to compute the visibility ratio.

RectLight("lgt_key") {
    ["label"] = "lgt_key",
RenderOutput("vis_lgt_key") {
    ["result"] = 9, -- visibility aov
    ["visibility_aov"] = "C[<T.><RS>]*[<R[DG]><TD>]['lgt_key']",