Open MoonRay repositories

The following table lists the Open MoonRay repositories and their requirements. “Internal Dependencies” are dependencies on other MoonRay repositories, “External Dependencies” are third-party packages that must be installed prior to build.

As well as the dependencies listed here, you will need an appropriate C++ compiler and CMake itself.

Repository Internal dependencies External dependencies
cmake_modules Modules used in the build process None cmake
scene_rdl2 MoonRay’s scene representation None boost, jsoncpp, log4cplus, lua, tbb
mcrt_denoise Denoiser scene_rdl2 cuda, openimagedenoise, optix, cppunit
moonray Command-line renderer mcrt_denoise, scene_rdl2 boost, cuda, embree, openexr, openimageio, opensubdiv, openvdb, optix, random123, zlib, cppunit, ispc, python
moonray_gui Simple Qt viewer for MoonRay moonray, mcrt_denoise qt5, cppunit
moonshine Shaders moonray, scene_rdl2 openimageio, cppunit, ispc, python
moonshine_usd Usd-specific shaders moonray, moonshine usd, cppunit, ispc
moonray_dcc_plugins Tools to use MoonRay with DCC applications None None
render_profile_viewer Tool to analyse render performance None python-3.7, PyQt5, PyQtChart, openimageio, importlib_metadata
arras4_core Core Arras libraries None uuid boost curl jsoncpp libmicrohttpd cppunit
arras4_node Arras service for distributed rendering arras4_core None
mcrt_messages Communication protocol for Arras and MoonRay arras4_core None
mcrt_dataio Progressive image compression used with Arras arras4_core, mcrt_denoise, mcrt_messages, scene_rdl2 cppunit
mcrt_computation Implementation of MoonRay rendering via Arras arras4_core, mcrt_dataio, mcrt_messages, moonray, scene_rdl2 cppunit
arras_render Simple Qt viewer for Arras renders arras4_core, mcrt_dataio, mcrt_messages, scene_rdl2 boost, jsoncpp, openimageio, openexr, qt, cppunit
moonray_sdr_plugins Support for using MoonRay shaders with Hydra None boost, usd
hdMoonray Moonray Hydra plugin moonray, moonshine, mcrt_computation, arras4_core, mcrt_messages, mcrt_dataio, moonray_sdr_plugins openimageio, cppunit
minicoord Arras service for distributed rendering None python-2.7
openmoonray Overall build for MoonRay All of the above All of the above