MoonRay Hydra Delegate

Hydra is Pixar’s open source interface for live or batch rendering. A Hydra-enabled application should be able to render scenes using any renderer that has a Hydra plugin.

HdMoonRay is a Hydra plugin (render delegate) for MoonRay. You should be able to use it to provide MoonRay rendering in any Hydra-supporting application.

HdMoonRay is a shared-library plugin ( that doesn’t directly provide an interface to end users : the features of HdMoonRay (and other Hydra plugins) will be made available through the interface of the hosting application.

The general setup steps needed to use HdMoonRay are described here:

HdMoonRay Setup.

There many be additional steps described in a particular application’s documentation.

Hydra render plugins provide a list of render settings, which you should be able to access through the user interface of the particular application you are using. The settings applicable to HdMoonRay are described here:

HdMoonRay Render Settings

HdMoonRay supports almost all of the Hydra features that are applicable to MoonRay. This document gives an overview of what is supported:

HdMoonRay Features

Included with HdMoonRay are two command-line applications that apply HdMoonRay to USD data : hd_render renders an image from a USD scene, and hd_usd2rdl translates a USD scene into MoonRay’s native RDL2 format.

hd_render and hd_usd2rdl