Render Outputs Guide

See also: RenderOutput Attribute Reference


The RenderOutput object is used to specify any output the renderer produces.


Generally, when setting up a RenderOutput object, you want to specify at least two attributes: the result, or type of RenderOutput, and file_name, which is where you want the result saved. Certain AOVs will require other attributes to be set, like primitive_attribute to specify the attribute to visualize, or material_aov, which specifies the material expression. You can refer to the RenderOutput Scene Class which contains a full attribute reference. There are also guides on specific RenderOutput types linked under the Types section below.

Example: World Position

-- output position in world space  
RenderOutput("/output/result/worldPos") {  
    ["file name"] = "result0.exr",  
    ["result"] = 3, -- state variable  
    ["state variable"] = 10, -- "WP"  
    ["channel format"] = 0  



Type Description
Beauty Full render (RGB)
Alpha Full render alpha channel (A)
Depth z-distance away from camera (Z)
DisplayFilter Outputs the results from a DisplayFilter


Type Description
State Variable Visualize a built-in state variable (pos, nor, texture coords, etc)
Primitive Attribute Visualize procedural-provided attributes
Material AOV AOV generated using a material expression
Light AOV AOV generated using a light path expression
Visibility AOV Fraction of light samples that hit the light source
Weight Pixel sample count, normalized between 0 and 1
Cryptomatte Generate .exr layers containing pixel coverages by specified geometry(ies)
Alpha Aux Alpha auxiliary sample data for adaptive sampling
Beauty Aux Beauty auxiliary sample data for adaptive sampling

Diagnostic Results

Type Description
Time Per Pixel Time per pixel heat map metric
Wireframe Render as wireframe



-- build a reasonably standard default RGBAZ result  
RenderOutput("/output/result0/rgb") {  
    ["file name"] = "result0.exr",  

RenderOutput("/output/result0/alpha") {  
    ["file name"] = "result0.exr",  
    ["result"] = 1 -- alpha  

RenderOutput("/output/result0/depth") {  
    ["file name"] = "result0.exr",  
    ["result"] = 2, -- depth  
    ["channel format"] = 0, -- 32 bit float  
    ["math filter"] = "min"


-- output the "ref_P" primitive attribute  
RenderOutput("/output/result/ref_P") {  
    ["file name"] = "result0.exr",  
    ["result"] = 4, -- primitive attribute  
    ["primitive attribute"] = "ref_P",  
    ["primitive attribute type"] = 2 -- Vec3f  


Glossy Lobe Material Color

-- output the color of all glossy lobes hit by primary rays  
RenderOutput("/output/glossy_color") {  
    ["file name"] = "result0.exr",  
    ["result"] = 7, -- material aov  
    ["material aov"] = "G.color",  

Matte of the Geometry Objects with the “curly” and “gizmo1’ Labels 

-- output a matte for the geometry objects with the  
-- gizmo1 and curly labels  
RenderOutput("/output/gizmo1AndCurlyMatte") {  
    ["file name"] = "result0.exr",  
    ["result"] = 7, -- material aov  
    ["material aov"] = "'gizmo1''curly'...matte",  
    ["channel name"] = "A"  

Direct Lighting on Glossy Lobes

-- output the direct lighting on diffuse lobes  
    RenderOutput("/output/glossy_direct") {  
    ["file name"] = "result0.exr",  
    ["result"] = 8, -- light aov  
    ["light aov"] = "CGL",  
    ["channel format"] = 0,  

Diffuse Key Lighting (assumes light has label ‘key’)

-- output diffuse lighting from lights with the key label  
RenderOutput("/output/diffuse_key") {  
    ["file name"] = "result0.exr",  
    ["result"] = 8, -- light aov  
    ["light aov"] = "CD'key'",  

Motion Vectors

See also: Motion Vectors

-- Create 2D screen space motion vectors  
RenderOutput("/output/motion_vectors") {  
    ["result"] = "material aov",  
    ["material_aov"] = "motionvec",  
    ["channel_suffix_mode"] = "rgb"