MoonRay dependencies

These are the third-party libraries and tools that MoonRay and Arras depend on, at the time of writing. The file /building/CMakeLists.txt in the openmoonray repository is generally a better reference, since that will be up-to-date for that particular version of the source, and also lists build options.

Name Version  
Gcc 6.3 or 9.3
CMake 3.23.1
Boost 1.73
Lua 5.3.5
Python 2.7+
cppunit 1.15.1
log4cplus 1.1.2
JsonCpp 0.7
TBB 2020.2.0
ISPC 1.14.1
CUDA 11.1
Optix 7.3.0
OpenSubdiv 3.4.3
OpenColorIO 2.0.2
OpenExr 2.5.7
Random123 1.08.3
Embree 3.12.1
Intel MKL 2020.3.279  
Microhttpd 0.9.37
Curl 7.49
USD 22.5
Qt 5.12  

Lua must be built with the -fPIC option : e.g. make linux MYCFLAGS=-fPIC

Microhttpd and Curl are only needed when building or using Arras. Arras also needs OpenSSL.

Any version of Python greater than or equal to 2.7 should work, but boost and USD need to be built for that version.

USD is only needed for the MoonRay Hydra plugins and USD geometry objects

Qt is only needed by moonray_gui and arras_render.