HdMoonRay Houdini Integration


After setting up the hydra delegate the UsdPreviewSurface and associated nodes will be renderable. To use the more advanced Moonray materials and maps, first clone the moonray_dcc_plugins repo. Include the folders inside of the repo’s houdini folder into your HOUDINI_PATH either by copying them into a folder already sourced or adding them to the HOUDINI_PATH environment variable.

See: https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/basics/config.html

Add the folder to your HOUDINI_PATH:

export HOUDINI_PATH=$HOUDINI_PATH:$REL/houdini:$REL/plugin/houdini

or copy the folders to your local houdini install:

cp -r $REL/plugin/houdini/* ~/houdini19.5/

Houdini Components


You will find all Moonray related Materials and Maps available in the Mat context.

Connect Materials to the Collect node. Connect Maps to materials.


Lights have a Moonray tab with Moonray specific attributes.

Render Settings:

You will find a Moonray tab with render settings specific to Moonray.

Geometry Settings

Geometry setting such as mesh_resolution can be set using a LOP wrangle node.

For example:

usd_addprimvar(0, @primpath, "moonray:mesh_resolution", "float");
usd_setprimvar(0, @primpath, "moonray:mesh_resolution", 10);

Light Filters:

  • Not yet available


  • Not yet avalable