MoonRay has two methods for denoising its output:

  1. Interactive denoising in moonray_gui
  2. The denoise standalone command-line tool

Both methods use the same denoising engines:

  1. NVIDIA OptiX denoiser. This requires a compatible NVIDIA GPU.
  2. Intel Open Image Denoise. This currently runs on the CPU.

The denoising engine is selectable.

Denoising with the denoise Command-line Tool

The denoise command-line tool reads an image file to denoise, with optional normals and/or albedo images. It outputs a denoised image file.

denoise supports both OptiX and Open Image Denoise denoisers. OptiX mode requires a compatible NVIDIA GPU. If OptiX mode is specified but there is no compatible GPU, denoise reports an error and exits.

The command-line args are:

  -in input.exr              input image file to denoise
  -albedo albedo.exr         optional input albedo image to aid denoising
  -normals normals.exr       optional input normals image to aid denoising
  -mode optix OR -mode oidn  use OptiX or Open Image Denoise denoiser
  -out output.exr            denoised output image file (default = "denoised.exr")

Denoising in moonray_gui

See the moonray_gui page for information about interactive denoising.