Developer’s Guide

If you want to develop with the MoonRay code base, the first step is to clone the repository and make sure you can build it:

Building MoonRay

The overall structure of the source repositories is detailed here:

Source structure

Most development tasks require some knowledge of MoonRay’s internal scene description format, RDL2. This is provided by the scene_rdl2 library, described here:

The scene_rdl2 library.

The file formats used to store scenes are described here:

RDL2 scene formats

If you want to translate scenes to or from RDL2 format, scene_rdl2 may be all you need.

You can extend MoonRay itself by authoring new shader plugins. Instructions on how to do this are here:

Writing new shaders

Arras is used to integrate interactive MoonRay rendering into applications. The following pages have more information:

Arras Overview

Session Definitions

Client API

Running distributed Arras

Coding Standards