DisplayFilters are compositing nodes that can alter pixel values as a post-process in MoonRay.

Inputs: RenderOutputs and/or other DisplayFilters, excluding:

  • cryptomatte
  • deep
  • time per pixel
  • weight

Output: The result can be chained with another DisplayFilter or piped to a RenderOutput, which allows you to save the result to disk and/or monitor as it is progressively refined in your interactive render session. The RenderOutput type must be “display filter”, like so:

local idf = ImageDisplayFilter("/display/image") { ... }

RenderOutput("/output/idf") {
    ["file_name"] = "result0.exr",
    ["result"] = "display filter",
    ["display_filter"] = idf,
    ["channel_name"] = "idf"


Name Description
BlendDisplayFilter blends between two inputs, input1 and input2, given some blendAmt and blendType
ClampDisplayFilter clamps the rgb values of an input image buffer between min and max
ColorCorrectDisplayFilter modifies the color of an image buffer
ConstantDisplayFilter produces a render output of a uniform color
ConvolutionDisplayFilter convolves a kernel with a specified kernel_type and kernel_size with an input image
DiscretizeDisplayFilter bins the r, g, and b values of the input buffer into a specified num_bins
DofDisplayFilter applies a 2D Depth of Field blur on an image buffer
HalftoneDisplayFilter adds the effect of halftone dots observed in old printing methods
ImageDisplayFilter fits a given image to the input’s render dimensions
OpDisplayFilter performs a user-specified operation on input1 and input2
OverDisplayFilter layers two image buffers, input_top and input_bottom
RampDisplayFilter takes in a series of colors, positions, and interpolations to generate a ramp of the specified ramp_type
RemapDisplayFilter maps the colors of an input from a specified range to a desired output range
RgbToFloatDisplayFilter combines the r,g,b channels of an image buffer into a grayscale image buffer
RgbToHsvDisplayFilter takes in a RGB render input and converts it to HSV, and vice versa
ShadowDisplayFilter takes in an occluded aov and an unoccluded aov to produce shadows of the specified density and shadow_color
TangentSpaceDisplayFilter produces engine-ready normal maps
ToonDisplayFilter outlines objects and discretizes the color of an image buffer