Test Scenes for MoonRay

A selection of scenes converted to MoonRay’s native RDL2 format are available for testing here: example_scenes.zip.

The latest 2.0.1 version of Animal Logic’s ALab scene, converted to MoonRay-native RDL scene format using hd_usd2rdl, including 4k mip-mapped .tx format textures is available for testing here: ALab_2.0.1.zip. This is the basis of the texture cache profiling page. Useful information is in the moonray.memo for rendering, aong with a file middleQualityUniformHD.rdla for a middle-quality rendering setup.

An earlier version of the ALab scene is also available for testing here: ALab.zip

A simple USD scene can be used for testing using MoonRay’s Hydra plugin: moonray_sphere.usd.

The “MoonRay Widget” shader ball model used in this documentation is released in USD ascii and binary formats: MoonRayWidget.zip.


The example scenes were curated by Benedikt Bitterli. They are designed to render modern, realistic scenes.

The ALab scene was created by Animal Logic as a reference USD production scene for exploration. This scene was developed to be used in different environments, such as demonstrations and training materials and in the testing of USD support across software and pipeline.

The moonray_sphere.usd file was developed by DreamWorks as a simple test of hdMoonray rendering USD format data. It is distributed under the ASWF Digital Assets License v1.1.

The MoonRayWidget.zip file was developed by DreamWorks as a model to demonstrate various shader and material properties. It is distributed under the ASWF Digital Assets License v1.1.